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 $olo, a battle clan!

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PostSubject: $olo, a battle clan!   Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:50 pm


[color:5765="RoyalBlue"]§olo the battle clan.
We are wanting to accept any people who would love to join this battle clan, but they must meet the requirements.
If you wish to challenge Solo to a battle war, please post here on the thread, or go to our chat below and talk to one of the leaders/co-leaders.

Clan Tag: §☆
Solo's Birthday/was born on: 01-27-2009, 03:04 PM

Solo Chat
[URL=""]Xat Solo[/URL]

Solo Website
[URL=""]Solo Webiste[/URL]

In order to join Solo you must have:
- Good attitude
- Active
- Dont get mad over a battle if you get crappy items
- Never give up
- Have fun

Same as requirements pretty much.
-Just respect your leaders and co-leaders.
-Please dont hack.
-Do not fight with your clan mates.
-Please do not swear over and over.
-Dont keep bragging to someone about your wins if you have a match.
-If you go inactive with out any word for a month, its a kick.
-Please do not wall shoot.
-You are to have your clan tag in wars and practices.
-You disrespect leaders/co-leaders more than 3 warnings, you're out of the clan Ex. Not listening to rules, orders, in chat.

You will be tried out by either the Leaders, Co-leaders, or Apprentices.
One Balloon, One coin. The last one you choose. So either Balloon or Coin!
There will be spectators in the match as well, but they will be sitting off to the side.
You do NOT attack them. Only attack the person you are battling.
Spectators will switch off during rounds. So watch who's attacking you.
When you do your try out, you MUST be in Solo's chat room. (Requested)
In the event a spectating leader/co-leader cannot be present, tryout will proceed as a 1v1.

When doing a try out:
We're not looking for points, or if you win or lose, we look for how you play/use your items, running/actually trying to hit whoever. So when you're in a try out, relax, play how you do, dont worry about winning or losing.

Forum name:
Current Mii name:

If you are accepted into the clan you need to choose what your Clan name will be, (As in your second S)
If you do not end up making the clan for some reason, you may come back another day and retry again! If you would like to talk to one of the leaders/co-leaders about your results, please ask us!

[color:5765="RoyalBlue"]Thank you for applying and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

[color:5765="royalblue"]Also check out Solo's very own battle course! Made by ARM1, Kudos goes to him for making the vid, and doing an awesome job, thank you Arm!
Solo Battlers' Garden

RosalinaX for the Clan banner
Kayahtic for the Userbars
ARM1 for the textured Hacked course
Kirk for the Happles
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$olo, a battle clan!
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